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Third Friday - Live Music and Food

Opening night of our new outdoor patio seating. We have four tables that seat four people each, shaded with umbrellas. And beautiful flowers have been planted by Kirsten.

Food: Class Cooking, Chef Kim

Kim will be serving Broiled Salmon with blueberries on a bed of spinach, Lavash Pizza, Salad, Cheese & Salami board.

Chef Kim serves small plates from her Class Cooking culinary arts school kitchen that is adjacent to the winery. She specializes in ethnic dishes from all over the world.  Class Cooking

Music: Emily Aldridge

"Emily Aldridge is a Chicago-born pianist, guitarist, and singer-songwriter. Emily began singing and recording at age 3 with her father, Dave Aldridge, musician/songwriter, and Presbyterian minister. Emily was harmonizing and putting on small family performances by age 5. Her parents recognized her love of making music and immediately enrolled her in a lifelong education. Emily's mother Sarah Aldridge is an avid classical pianist and hand bell player who encouraged Emily to begin singing in choirs throughout the US. Emily spent much of her formative youth in children's choruses, voice lessons, musical theater performance troupes, while balancing her instrument education in piano and guitar.

Attending both Asbury College and University of Kentucky, Emily pursued her vocal studies in Gospel and Jazz techniques while continuing college studies. Currently Emily teaches music lessons throughout North Florida and continues to perform throughout the area with various projects.

Emily's solo project shows various facets of her range and personal style, not to be held down by any genre title or standard. Her music reflects influences in rock, jazz, pop, metal, and R&B.

Emily comes from a musical school of thought that simply wants to love the music one writes and connect to the world through it. An infinite response to the gifts we've been given as musicians." Emily Aldridge

Art: Sue Clancy

About the exhibit “Enjoying Time” Sue Clancy says:  “After attending a symphony followed by a multi-course dinner and drinks with friends I began thinking about time; musical time, cooking time… finding, taking and spending time on things that bring joy to life.  I thought about how our lives are entirely made up of time and it’s up to us to use our time well.  So I began to collect, from my daily life, my own “enjoyable moments” - and recreate them for you with some of my favorite animals.”

Sue Clancy is a fine artist with a lighthearted welcoming story-book style that has been used in hospitals and hospitality settings particularly those focused on children.  Her public art collections include  the Curtis Children’s Justice Center in Vancouver Washington, The UCLA Fine Arts Library at the University of California in Los Angeles, The Northwest Surrogacy Center in Portland Oregon, the Wexford Ireland Arts Center in Wexford Ireland, The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art in Boulder Colorado, The John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan Wisconsin, The Wisconsin Historical Society, The Empty Space Gallery in Bakersfield California, CARF International in Arizona, Infant Crisis Services in Oklahoma City, Youth and Family Services of El Reno Oklahoma, The Oklahoma School of Science and Math and many others. Her art also resides in numerous private collections which include the Kennedy family in Washington D.C. and the private collection of New York Times bestselling author Billie Letts. Sue Clancy

Later Event: July 16
Tasting Room Open