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First Friday Celebration!

Live Music by: Emily Aldridge

"Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Emily Aldridge is currently living, creating and communing in Portland, Oregon.

Enjoying the richness of her new surroundings, Aldridge dives deep into writing and recording her heart's songs while performing locally. Lead singer of prog metal'ites Sacrifice to Survive, she continues her contributions to progressive metal, while releasing her solo and collaborative musical projects.

The true music of Aldridge's heart is that of earthy, folk and blues origins while entertaining powerful message-packed melodies. Aldridge follows a stream of consciousness writing approach which often produces an outpouring over honest and poignant subjects. Her message is one of hope: a better existence for all beings.

The solo debut of "Emily and the Gypsy Fire" is a blues rock EP with some elements of pop as well as several acoustic pieces. Entirely engineered and produced by boyfriend and guitarist of Sacrifice to Survive Matt Stoops, the duo set out to write and record everything DIY-style for the album. Using programmed drums and specific symphonic arrangements, Stoops was able to help shape Aldridge's vision for the project. Aldridge and Stoops joined up with the Gypsy Fire Band which  included the current members of Sacrifice to Survive, Cory Stewart & Ted Sisak.  This maiden voyage of the solo project took place during Connection Festival in Jacksonville on September 14, 2014. The band played various shows over the course of a year following the EP release.

More music is on it's way to your ears from Emily's heart, this time inspired by the West coast of the US." Visit her website:

Featured November Artists: Patricia Thompson, quilts and Vicki McArdle, textiles and paper

Patricia Thompson: "I grew up in beautiful Alaska where the great outdoors nurtured her creative spirit. At an early age I began creating in a variety of mediums. Most recently I have been working in fabric and felt.  I now make my home near the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge in Washington state.  In 2008 my charcoal still life 'Transition in Light', was published in Clark College's 'Phoenix' an Art and Literary PublicationThe same piece of artwork hung in the '2008 Student Art Show' at Clark College.  My artwork is on display at my studio in Ridgefield, Washington. I am an currently President of the Ridgefield Art Association.  To learn more about Patricia, visit her website:

Vicki McArdle: "As an artist and healer, I honor the awareness I have cultivated to create and move energy through my hands. Through the creative and healing arts, I have found a deep sense of purpose and connection.  It with great joy that I share these gifts with you." To learn more about Vicki's art, please visit her website:

Food by Class Cooking, Chef Kim, served at 5pm

 Lamb Shanks, Macaroni and Cheese, Salade Lyonnaise

Check out her website: