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Special Summer Case Sale!

Happy Sunday! Today we are excited to share our Special Summer Case Sale with you! Mark and Greg have decided we need to make room in the cellar before Crush Season starts! So the solution is to give an additional percent discount to our customers, club discounts also apply. This is a great opportunity to stock up on your favorite Burnt Bridge Cellars wine. Ben will announce the details of the sale in the newsletter early in the week. So stay posted! 

We are serving custom tasting flights, glass pours and open bottle purchases all day. This is a great time to bring friends to the winery and introduce them to your favorite award winning, hand crafted Columbia Valley wines. We also have large charcuterie plates available to pair with your wine, and are great for sharing!

Our July Featured Artist is Sue Clancy! Come check out her newest fine art exhibit, "Purrsuits of Pleasure"! Sue's art is for sale at the winery through the end of July. More details are below...

July's Featured Artist: Sue Clancy, fine artist / Exhibit: Purrsuits of Pleasure

"Purrsuits of Pleasure: As a human currently owned by a cat I’ve noticed that cats seek pleasures unashamedly, without the cost-benefit analysis that humans often do. It reminds me that it’s good to do something out of plain old delight without toting up the value of our actions or performing a posture. So, for this last year I’ve allowed myself to enjoy things around town like a cat would – but also making notes on the pleasure in my sketchbook*. I also read books and researched the many pleasurable topics I’d discovered. Back at my studio I created a series of cat characters, pattern designs and other elements in order to tell metaphorical stories about my delight in local pleasures.

*An eBook version of this sketchbook is available for download at

Sue Clancy is a fine artist represented in the Pacific Northwest by Caplan Art Designs. Her art has been in exhibits and featured in public and private collections around the world. Most recently her work was included in the Bainbridge Island Art Museum’s permanent collection. She is carefully supervised in her studio by a long-haired dachshund and an orange and white tabby cat who make sure that lunch breaks regularly occur." You can see more about her life and work at

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Special Summer Case Sale!