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Wine Trivia Night!

It's Wine Trivia Night again! A trivia quiz of all things wine related!

Tonight we’re playing Burnt Bridge Cellars Wine Trivia! Our Wine Trivia is a fun, casual competition and you may learn something new. The highest scores are entered into the drawing for a Burnt Bridge Cellars gift certificate! We have a selection of ten wines to share with you this evening! Enjoy a custom tasting flight, glass pour, or share an opened bottle with a friend.

Check out the new art on our walls!

New Art by: Sue Clancy, fine art, illustrator

Sue Clancy’s lighthearted story-book style has decorated the walls in universities, hospitals and other public settings.  Her work has illustrated books and literary magazines. Her artist books have been included in public and private library, museum and historical center special collections. Sue has created a playful exhibit entitled "Dear Readers" - a story you can walk around in with a glass of wine in hand! 28 pieces in total, all for sale through the end of July at the winery. Enjoy the whimsy...

Dear Readers By Sue Clancy

I’ve been thinking about the interconnectedness of everything in life. These thoughts led me to the concept of nested ideas; how one thing leads to another, one food or drink pleasure can lead to another new pleasure in a similar way that one enjoyed book can lead to another new book. I’ve also thought of how much the written word in general has enhanced our pleasure in and understanding of the sensual world by enabling connections to be made between elements and people across time and space.

So, in this exhibit I’m using the printed-and-bound book as a symbol for “the written word” in its myriad of formats. And I’ve deliberately, whimsically, played with the one-thing-leads-to-another-everything’s-connected concept by including spoofs of my own artwork, my still life paintings, within my other paintings that have dog characters in them. The titles of the still life paintings, the titles of the dog character paintings, the titles of the humans with pet’s paintings all correlate.

Each artwork in my exhibit is related in some way to at least one other artwork in this exhibit. I leave it for you to puzzle out which is connected to which – and in what way. And yes, you can read my exhibit like you would a mostly wordless comic. Enjoy!

You can see more about her life and work at

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