Ask the Winemaker - Wine Growlers?

Q: What's the deal with Wine Growlers?

A: They are awesome! 

If you've been to the tasting room this month, you've probably seen our newest addition at Burnt Bridge Cellars. They are these cute mini growlers that we are going to start filling with tasty Burnt Bridge wine in just a couple of weeks.


We've had quite a few questions and a lot of interest about these little guys, so I thought I'd answer the FAQ here.

Q: How much wine fits in there? 

A: 32 oz or 946 ml. -Basically a bottle of wine, plus a healthy glass pour.

Q: Will it taste good?

A: After many, many days of rigorous field testing, I can say, without a doubt, YES! 

Q: How long will the wine last?

A: Several days, but probably less than a week. Very similar to a beer growler in that respect. Although we've put them through the ringer during testing and were surprised with how long the wine still tasted fresh. The picture above in Seaside, so they travel well.

Q: What about bottle shock and oxygen?

A: The bottling process can be rough on wine, which is why we let bottles rest for months before release. The wine for these growlers, however were gently gravity fed directly into kegs and then covered in a layer of inert gas to keep them fresh. We fill the growlers directly from kegs and then seal them with an oxygen absorbing cap. By the time you open the growler, it'll be like pouring a nicely decanted wine into your glass.

Q: Why Wine Growlers?

A: As your local urban winery, we want to become your go-to spot for local wine. In many countries, locals come down to the local winery and fill up jugs of wine for the week. It's a beautiful part of their culture that we'd like to share with you. Plus, statistically, about 95% of all wine is consumed within a week of purchase. Filling up growlers instead of bottling the wine cuts down on waste too, and is less expensive for us to produce (no labels, no corks, no bottles, etc.) which means we can sell it cheaper to you! Plus they look cool at parties and will impress your friends. 

Q: How much?

A: Cheaper than a bottle of the same wine. So you get more wine, for less money and we save money and time on bottling. Win, Win!

Q: How do I clean them?

A: The most important thing to do is rinse them with hot water soon after they are empty. Problems occur when small amounts of wine sits exposed to oxygen for long periods of time. Other than that, wash them like you would your wine glasses, and they should be fine. When you bring them back for refills, we will check to see if they are clean. We're not going to pour good wine into a dirty growler.

Q: When can I get my hands on one?

A: Wednesday, May 4! Just two weeks away now. We will be open on Wednesdays from 4-7ish to buy and fill growlers. We also plan on having a secret midweek special on a bottle of our choice.

Q: What wines will be available?

A: We are starting with the 2013 Merlot and the 2015 Carte Blanche white blend (both will get released in bottle form on May 13). We only have 70 or so growlers, so get them before they are gone!

Q: I can't make it Wednesday. Can I fill them up at other times?

A: Yes! I'm happy to fill your growler anytime I'm around the shop during the week, which is most of the time. Just come down to the tasting room, ask for my card, and text the number on it and we'll try and coordinate.