Ask the Winemaker - What is a "Family" winery?

Q: What is a "Family" winery

A: You see this term "family" winery or "family-owned" winery a lot in the industry, and, technically, it doesn't mean much with regard to size or quality. Some of the largest wineries in the world are "family-owned" wineries. And they make some good and bad wine. Some of the smallest wineries are mom-and-pop shops that make good and bad wine. And some "family" wineries are actually owned by large holding companies or massive corporations. 

To me, a family winery has more to do with an attitude that is part of the culture of the winery. Do the owners and employees treat each other like family, regardless of relation? Is family life important, culturally, to the winery?

We don't call ourselves a "family" winery at Burnt Bridge Cellars. But, we are. And I think this video, taken by my 9-year-old son, Hudson, during spring break might shed a little light on what family means to us.