Ask the Winemaker - What's new at the winery? White wines and black puppy edition.


It's been a busy few weeks around the winery as we put together and bottled the 2016 white wines and rose' with some help from our A TEAM crew. (Thanks!) We bottled about 80 cases of Semillon and 120 cases of Carte Blanche - this year it's a blend of Rousanne and Marsanne that I think we'll all enjoy. We also bottled about 35 cases of rose' - It's a light, dry rose' made from Mourvedre and Grenache. These wines will be released during the Spring Allocation, coming up in May.

We also have hired a new lab assistant at the winery this year.  He's pretty young,  13 weeks in fact and goes by the name  "Otto."  Not sure how well he can drive a forklift yet, but he looks trainable.