September 2015 Holly and Ken Williams joined the Wine Club. Happy 4 year anniversary!


You may recognize Holly from Sip & Fold nights here at Burnt Bridge Cellars, but did you know Holly and her husband Ken have been members for over 4 years!? Get to know them here:

Hometown/When did you move to the area: Holly moved to Vancouver in 1980 from the East Coast. Ken moved here in 1981 from Monterey, CA. They both started their careers at HP Vancouver which is where they met Mark & Greg.

Occupation: Ken – HP engineer, Holly – active community volunteer, origami teacher, nonprofit accountant

What initially drew you into joining the Burnt Bridge Cellars Wine Club: Another great excuse to drink great Washington wine

Favorite event at Burnt Bridge: Sip & Fold, of course, but fall grape crush is fun, too

When do you normally come in: We always enjoy first Fridays

Favorite wine that you’ve had at Burnt Bridge: The one in the glass in front of me

Favorite wine right now: 2014 Reserva

Favorite wine profile/varietal: Tempranillo is always great, out-of-the-ordinary varietal

What do you like to do in the community outside of the tasting room?!: You’ll see us walking or riding our bikes around town, going to Thorns games, hiking, camping, going to the Farmers Market and plays at Magenta.

June 2017 Lynn, Kirt, Shane and Samantha Phillips joined the Wine Club!

Happy 2 Year Wine Club Anniversary to Lynn, Kirt, Shane and Samantha Phillips!

Hometown/When did you move to the area: We moved to Washougal in 1985 from Baltimore, MD. Lynn met Kirt by answering an ad for a job and got hired! After about a year of dating we talked about moving - looked at a map and were drawn to Oregon/Washington. The South was too hot, California too expensive, and we wanted to be near a (different) coast. The Pacific Northwest looked like an adventure. We had no jobs, no place to live. Just loaded up two trucks and headed out. When we got here it was just what we were looking for.

Occupation: About 10 years ago, Kirt founded Core Commissions, a financial software application that automates the calculation of sales commissions. Kirt, Lynn and Shane work at Core. Samantha writes the blogs for the company in her spare time, and works full time at VLMK Engineering in Portland.

What initially drew you into joining the Burnt Bridge Cellars Wine Club? Shane moved into an apartment two blocks away from Burnt Bridge so we stopped in one day while exploring around. From then on it was a perfect excuse to bribe the kids for some mom and dad time. Lynn’s mom was French, Kirt’s was Italian – so wine is in the blood.

Favorite event at Burnt Bridge? Trivia contests. Still want to try the blind tasting. 

When do you normally come in and why did you choose that day? We made a habit of coming Thursday evenings after work (it’s only 3 blocks away from our office) for the bottle discounts. Burnt Bridge has been our ”house wine.”  Now, even though those discounts do not happen as often, we still try to come in on Thursdays as an early weekend kickoff.

Favorite wine that you’ve had at Burnt Bridge: 2015 Cabernet (although Samantha is a true Merlot girl).

Favorite wine right now: 2018 Rose is SO delicious but would be tied with the Malbec (and I do not usually like Malbec). The Mourvèdre have been a nice surprise. Miss the Tempranillo!

Favorite wine profile/varietal? Deep rich reds – Cabernet or Cabernet blends.

What do you like to do in the community outside of the tasting room?!

  • Wine tasting in Hood River/Mosier- bonus of watching the windsurfers. Current favorites wineries are The Pines 1852 and Garnier Vineyards. Every trip we seek out some winery we have never been to before. The many amazing wineries in Okanagan Valley in Central Canada were a fun find, although visiting by bikes might not have been my best idea).

  • Head to the local Vancouver beach at Frenchman’s Bar with a floatie.

  • Most amazing surprise local sight: John Day Fossil beds in Central Oregon: multicolored hillsides, towering cliffs, Blue Basin hike (seems like you are on Mars).

  • Favorite local hike: Cape Horn Trail.

  • Favorite pizza: Right around the corner at Vinnies! True thin-crust Sicilian pizza. 

  • Current favorite Portland restaurant: Mediterranean Exploration Company – shareable tapas, Middle Eastern cuisine